Discourse-building, a responsibility of Imam Reza Media Festival: Jury member

Imam Reza Media Festival has been called upon to take on discourse-building responsibility in order to disseminate concepts related to Imam Reza’s life and conduct.

According to Amir Khaleghi, a jury member in graphics, photo and infographic section of the festival, “Promoting Imam Reza’s culture is a necessity of the Islamic community; therefore, as one of the major organizations in charge of that duty, Imam Reza holy shrine is striving to expand and deepen the teachings of Imam Reza in society”.
He continued that the second round of the festival set its sights on highly significant goals such as disseminating Imam Reza’s teachings in various fields, reviewing fundamental concepts relevant to Imam’s life and conduct, supporting creators of relevant media works, boosting the quality and quantity of such works, etc.
“Nowadays, media have definitely become instrumental in creating mainstreams and bandwagons. Social media are coincidentally playing a big role as capillary networks are increasingly taking over communication. We should, therefore, equip ourselves with novel media tools to carry out discourse-building”, stressed the committee member.
The media expert further reverted to the responsibility, emphasizing on the importance of content production regarding Imam Reza’s life and conduct, which “is a universal matter that should be rightly introduced to the world via the language of art and media”.  
As for the characteristics of graphics, photo and infographic, Khaleghi explained that they were a visual method of expressing information, data, and convoluted concepts in a faster and more transparent way than other methods. “Use of photos brings about a better understanding of patterns and trends as famously suggested in this aphorism that ‘a photo is worth thousands of words’”.
Khaleghi also pointed to the valuable content created on Imam Reza’s life and conduct, saying: “The content is absolutely worthy of being broadcast via different media of the holy shrine and other media in a bid to disseminate the Imam’s culture”.  
He concluded his remarks by referring to the festival capacities and stressed: “Should it become a permanent event internationally, the festival has to acquire a certain number of standards. The first round of this festival, last year, maintained most of the required standards and, God willing, we can enhance and expand them to make it one of the outstanding national and international events”.

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