Imam Reza Intl. Media Festival motivation for purposeful, quality motion graphics: Expert

Secretary of motion graphics section of Imam Reza International Media Festival has expressed hope that a professional look at the subject in the latest round of the event will result in motivation among the audience and creation of quality works.

“The approach of the festival is encouraging artists to produce content on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad’s Infallible Household, and I believe the event will pave the way for more purposeful works of higher quality”, said Seyyed Taghi Alemi.
He added that the national and international scope of the festival coupled with accomplished figures’ presence in the jury committee would definitely affect the quantity and quality of production.
Speaking about the capacity of motion graphics to produce works on Imam Reza’s life and conduct, the secretary maintained that “given the type and flexibility of motion graphics, producers have considerable latitude. To produce content on Imam Reza and pilgrimage more flexible frameworks are needed, and here motion graphics comes in with its capacity to use a variety of stuff like pictures and videos”.
Alemi further gave two reasons why motion graphics would be probably warmly embraced, pointing to its better cost-efficiency compared to documentary, and more user-friendliness when it comes to production. “Of course, professionally speaking, motion graphics has its own complexities, which demand good working knowledge of different software; however, its flexibility will probably turn it into a popular medium”.
The jury member concluded that the festival could be permanent due to the “capacities of Imam Reza and the holy shrine. Nevertheless, it needs to adapt itself to the state of the art technology each year”.
The second edition of Imam Reza International Media Festival is presently underway and volunteers have until 2 May to submit their works to the Secretariat. For more information, visit mediafest.razavi.ir


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