Razavi culture has different aspects for producing media contents

Razavi culture which is the central theme in Imam Reza International Media Festival 2022 has various dimensions which can be used by all media activists, academics and even general public to produce media contents and to participate in the festival, says Abdolkarim Khayyami, member of scientific board of the festival.

Khayyami added: “We live in a world called era of media, information explosion, and network society. In this era, we can change love and affection into friendship through the use of media”.  
“I suggest all media activists and even the general public to participate in this festival by using a simple mobile phone or a pen and produce something like a note or a shortened poem,” he noted.  
According to Khayyami, in this round of festival, it is very important to pay attention to the topic and perspective in production of works. “Many scientific works, dissertations and theses have been produced about Imam Reza (AS), but there are still many topics for media coverage; even a new narrative can be presented for a seemingly repetitive topic when a different and new perspective is employed perfectly”.
The official believes that there are many historical and contemporary issues about Imam Reza (AS) that have not been addressed yet, and that these issues can be considered as an area of work by the participants of the festival.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to large number of lovers of the Razavi (attributed to Imam Reza (AS)) culture, saying “Imam Reza Festival and works that are sent to the secretariat of this event are not limited to the physical space and geography of this shrine, rather they are in the global scope because Razavi culture and teachings have audience almost everywhere in the world”.
Khayyami finally said: “The rrelationship between the work produced and the context, time and current conditions of the society in terms of social and cultural problems as well as daily troubles, and debates of Imam Reza (AS) are important areas which we must attend more”.


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